Translucent Village

Translucent Village is an audio and visual exploration of the abandoned village of Tyneham, Dorset, documented through field recording and pinhole photography.

The village lies within a valley on the Isle of Purbeck, set back from the Dorset coastline. In 1943 the village and surrounding area was requisitioned by the War Office to be used for military training purposes. Despite a pledge to return the village to its residents after the war, the Ministry of Defence reneged on their promise and the village lies abandoned to this day, within the confines of the still active Lulworth Military Firing Range.

Notionally frozen at 1943, the village has taken on a symbolic role; a romanticised representation of an English idyll, frozen before the onset of post-war modernism and emblematic of a past England that conservative voices mourn for. The warped temporality of the preserved past embeds itself in issues of historical national identity but also in the methods and formats used to record and document it. This project wishes to consider the parallels between the accumulated authenticity and fetishised nostalgia of the abandoned village and the mediums through which it is captured.

The installation for slide projector, dubplate and repeating record player expands on the durational themes of the project. The looping images and audio set up a temporal dichotomy of static images against a soundtrack that decays with each listen. (2013)

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